What Makes You Glow is... Doodling.

It's the break your brain needs. And who knew it actually helps with focus and memory?

In a study in 2009 by psychologist Jackie Andrade, a group of doodlers recalled 29% more information than a control group when listening to a 2.5 minute voicemail message.

We collaborated with illustrator Katie Vernon to create custom doodles to help you get your glow on.

Live out your childhood, it’s good for you!

So, take a screen grab or print it out and color in with good old-fashioned crayons. Tag and share them with us on your Instagram stories. 

To download, right click (or Command + Click on a Mac) and select "Save Image" onto your device. 
Algenist x Katie Vernon - Skincare Illustration
Algenist x Katie Vernon - It's the Glow for Me Illustration
Algenist x Katie Vernon - Liquid Collagen Illustration