How Safe Are Algenist Products?

How Safe Are Algenist Products?

What is clean beauty and what does clean beauty mean? 

At Algenist, we understand that the concept of clean beauty is defined by individual brands. In general, it refers to products which are free of known or alleged toxins and other potentially sensitizing ingredients. 

The truth is, “clean beauty” is a marketing concept that addresses the concerns of consumers. There is no governmental definition of clean, nor are there requirements that must be met before a brand declares their products to be clean. This differs from the designations “natural” and “organic,” both of which require that certain criteria be met before a brand can claim that its products are natural and/or organic.

The definition of clean beauty even varies among skincare and beauty retailers themselves.


Why doesn't Algenist claim to be “clean”?

We could certainly declare Algenist formulas to be clean; but, as it is across the beauty industry, it would simply be a marketing initiative, not a claim rooted in science. And Algenist is, and has always been, rooted in science.

For us, efficacy and safety go hand in hand. As scientists, it is our job to know what is safe for your skin and, thus, what is safe to formulate with. All Algenist products are developed to the stricter European Union standards, one of the most stringent regulatory environments for skincare in the world. As of this writing, the EU bans over 1300 ingredients from use in skin, hair and personal care products; only 11 of those are restricted for use by the US FDA. All 1,328 of those banned ingredients are omitted from Algenist’s products.


If Algenist doesn’t claim its products are clean, how can you be sure that they’re safe to use?

While it is true that Algenist refrains from leaping on the “clean beauty” trend, you can be assured that all Algenist products are safe for use as required by law.  Our products are based on innovative, scientific developments created by our team of chemists who strive to develop innovative, efficacious and safe (required by law) products that address a number of skin concerns. And we conduct the testing to confirm safety of products so you can be rest assured that we do the work, so you don’t have.

For us, safety is expected and is a given in everything we do. Our 100% vegan skincare formulations are safe, effective and powered by proprietary active ingredients developed in our labs. Among these are Alguronic Acid®, Blue Algae Vitamin C™ and Active Vegan Collagen™.


What is Algenist’s formulation philosophy and how do you know if our skincare products are safe?

At Algenist, our formulation philosophy is crafted to assure the utmost safety and efficacy for your skin. Every product is designed with strict adherence to a set of formulation protocols that help us to achieve this aim.

First and foremost, we omit all known toxins and skin sensitizers from our products. With that as our foundation, we strive for the best results at a 10-day interval to drive product efficacy and drive ourselves to do our best for our customers.

Safety is first and foremost our primary concern when formulating a product. For us, safety and efficacy go hand in hand. As scientists, every ingredient we use is science-led, thoroughly researched, and data driven.

 To elevate the unique efficacy of Algenist’s formulas, each is powered by our proprietary and patented Alguronic Acid, derived from microalgae. Alguronic Acid is scientifically-proven to target and visibly minimize the appearance of multiple signs of aging, including:

  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Pigmentation
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of firmness
  • Loss of elasticity

Alguronic Acid possesses potent antioxidant activity on the skin, fighting environmental assaults that can lead to visible signs of aging. And, exclusive to Algenist, our proprietary ingredient boosts the benefits of the other actives in our products to enhance efficacy and their benefits to your skin.

Every Algenist formula delivers maximum ingredient potency, while harmonizing with the structure and needs of the skin. Each is rigorously tested and evaluated for safety, efficacy and tolerability.

Every Algenist formula contains skin-soothing ingredients and is developed to boost skin hydration to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Combined, these harmonize skin functions to assure optimal skin health.