Secrets of Algae Kit


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Unlock the Secrets of Algae for visible skin transformation in 10 days*. This trio of Algenist bestsellers features products formulated with patented alguronic acid, a naturally occurring compound from algae that is naturally-sourced and sustainably produced. Skin appears nourished and radiant, skin resiliency and bounce are visibly restored, and fine lines and the appearance of deep wrinkles are visibly minimized. 

Genius Liquid Collagen contains the highest concentration of plant collagen for skin that appears firmer and more toned. Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream helps visibly restore skin resiliency and elasticity. The ophthalmologist-tested Complete Eye Renewal Balm decreases the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Genius Liquid Collagen 1 US fl. oz. / 30 ml 
Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream 1 US fl. oz. / 30 ml 
Complete Eye Renewal Balm 0.23 US fl. oz / 7 ml

*Results obtained following self-assessments of 85 women, using Genus Liquid Collagen twice daily: 
87% experienced exceptional softness, radiance, and a youthful glow after 10 days 
91% said it restored bounce, resilience, and suppleness to the skin after 10 days 
94% said it deeply replenishes, and helps condition skin after 10 days 
90% said it helps strengthen skin matrix to restore lost bounce and elasticity in 28 days 

*Results obtained following a consumer use study of 100 women using Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream twice daily:
91% said fragile skin texture appears reinforced within 10 days 
95% said dull skin is brighter in 10 days
87% said forehead wrinkles, creases, and lines are visibly minimized within 28 days 
95% said skin appears firmer, more resilient, and suppleness appears restored in 28 days

Results obtained following a consumer use study of 100 women using Complete Eye Renewal Balm twice daily, within 4 weeks of use: 
91% said eye contours appear smoother 
87% said puffiness appears decreased 
81% said dark circles look decreased