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Spend $1equalEarn 1 Genius Point


Redeem 100 Genius Pointsequal$3

register an account
10 points

register an account

review a product
15 points

review a product

sign up newsletter
10 points

sign up newsletter

on your birthday
150 points

on your birthday*

* limit to one award in 12 month period

suggest to friends
5 points

suggest to friends

referred friend joins
10 points

referred friend joins

referred friend first order
30 points

referred friend first order

referred friend repeat buys
5% of points

referred friend repeat buys

10 points

like on facebook

5 points

share page or
product on facebook

10 points

follow on twitter

5 points

tweet product page on twitter

10 points

share purchase on twitter

5 points

pin product page on pinterest

5 points

+1 on google

Spend more, Earn more

Get bonus points when you
spend $150 or more

spend $150 arrow-rightEarn 150 + 15 bonus points

spend $250 arrow-rightEarn 250 + 50 bonus points

spend $350 arrow-rightEarn 350 + 75 bonus points

spend $500 arrow-rightEarn 500 + 125 bonus points


Spend points on our
entire line of products

product line
step 1

Login to your account

Click on ‘My Account’, then click on Log In on the
top navigation menu. Login to your account. Click on
My Points and Rewards.
step 2

Purchase products as

Under Account Dashboard, click on My Points and
Rewards to get a detailed breakdown of how you earned
your points. In order to redeem them, simply add the
products you require to your bag.
step 3

Redeeeming your points

First, make sure you're logged in to your GENIUS Rewards Account. Then simply add the products you want to purchase to your shopping cart. During your checkout process use the slider tool (see image below) to choose how many points you want to spend on your order. Finalize by completing your purchase. how to redeem
What is Algenist GENIUS Rewards?
GENIUS Rewards is the loyalty program for You can earn points for making purchases on, reviewing your favorite products, referring your friends, and interacting with Algenist on your social networks.
Who can join?
All customers are welcome to enroll in the loyalty program.
Does it cost anything to join the loyalty program?
There is no cost to enroll in the program.
How do I join GENIUS Rewards?
To enroll, visit the GENIUS Rewards page and click “Sign-up Now.” You will also have the opportunity to join at checkout.
How can I earn points?

There are plenty of ways to earn points. Please be sure to login to your account to receive credit for these actions. For every dollar you spend, you will earn 1 GENIUS Point. Points will reflect purchase total after discount has been applied. This excludes taxes, shipping and handling. 

Get bonus points when you spend $150 or more (reference GENIUS Rewards page)

For each dollar spent 1 points
Register a loyalty account 10 points
Review a product 15 points
Sign-up for the Algenist newsletter 10 points
On your birthday* 150 points
Suggest to friends 5 points
Referred friend joins 10 points
Referred friend places first order 30 points
Referred friend makes additional purchases Receive 5% of points
Like Algenist on Facebook 10 points
Share product detail page on Facebook 5 points
Follow Algenist on Twitter 10 points
Tweet product page on twitter 5 points
Share purchase on twitter 10 points
Pin product page on Pinterest 5 points
+1 on Google 5 points
What are the limitations to the points I can earn?
For each dollar spent No limitations
Sign up for account Receive 10 points only one time
Subscribe to newsletter Receive 10 points only one time
Birthday points Limit to 150 points in a 12 month period
How long will it take to see all of my points in my account?

You will see all of your current and new points in your Loyalty Account once the action you have taken has been completed.

You will receive your points from your order once it has been marked complete, and shipped from our system. If you are to cancel your order, your points will be reset to 0 earned and 0 spent.

Do my points expire?
Yes, after 12 months of account inactivity
What can I redeem my GENIUS Points on?
Spend points on our entire line of products within qualifying orders. You may redeem up to 2500 points ($75 off) per eligible order. Points redemption may not be combined or stacked with promotional offers and discounts.
Do my product purchases count if I buy Algenist products from Sephora, QVC, or Ulta?
At this time, GENIUS Rewards is an exclusive loyalty program for Purchases made from any of our authorized retailers do not count towards earning points on your personal loyalty account.
I have a question or concern about my loyalty reward account, who do I contact?

Terms & Conditions

For information about our Genius Rewards Terms & Conditions click here