REVEAL Dual-Ended Powder Brush


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A dual-ended powder brush designed to seamlessly apply powder for a color corrected, radiant finish. The large, bristled end is used for application all over the face to set makeup and provide an airbrushed finish, while the sponge end allows for targeted highlighting application and touch ups. Made with synthetic hair, the brush’s bristles ensure long time use. Use with REVEAL Color Correcting Finishing Powder.

Use bristled end of brush to apply powder all over the face to set makeup. Use the sponge end of the brush to highlight targeted areas. Use with REVEAL Color Correcting Finishing Powder.

Care & Cleaning

We recommend cleaning your Dual-Ended Powder Brush before first use. To clean your brush, run the brush and sponge applicator under lukewarm water while massaging the bristles and sponge. Using a gentle facial cleanser, such as Purifying & Replenishing Cleanser, add a dime-sized amount to a bowl of lukewarm water. Gently swirl brush ends in the water then in the palm of your hand to work up a lather. Rinse under running water once again, until the water runs clear. With a clean cloth, wipe brush clean and reshape the bristles. Lay flat on the cloth to completely dry. Follow these easy steps to remove makeup and dirt as often as needed to keep your brush and sponge tip clean and ready for use.

Dual-ended foam applicator and synthetic bristles